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Latest News & Notes -

Below you'll find the latest news, notes and gossip from our website. If you have any questions please use the form below.

May 21, 2023

Megan Stacy has informed us she is retiring from TrueModels and most other social media to pursue other goals. We have no further information. If her page shows in your browser CACHE you should not attempt to buy any content as she has deleted the main files.

Those that desire a refund for a recent monthly subscription to Megan should send a message using the form below.

Group Five Photosports, the company behind TrueModels, is hiring at our office/studio in Clearwater, Florida, USA. The open positions range from Website Moderation for a new network, to PHP Laravel Developer to Video/Streaming Production.

Interested parties can review more information and submit their information on the Job & Gigs page here.

We are open for new models. If you know any Instagram Models that you'd like to see here please let us know their usernames by using the form below. Or, if you have DM access (we often don't), you can mention it and link them to https://truemodels.com/models/

As always - we welcome your comments, questions and suggestions. Please reach out using the form below.

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