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Latest News & Notes -

Below you'll find the latest news, notes and gossip from our website and the models or photographers that employ our services. If you have any questions please use the form below.

May 7th, 2022

Most of the update and website changes are complete. If you notice any bugs or errors please send us a message using the form below.

The most obvious change is in the user profile area where you can now select to display your "Full Name" name or "Username" in comments and streams.

Example: User John Smith, if he posted a comment last week that name would be displayed above his comment. Now, he can change his profile here to that match his Instagram Username (or any other) and select to have it display in comments, messages and streams rather than his full name. See the red arrow below.

The Username can't have spaces. Maximum of 25 characters. We suggest matching what you use at Instagram so models here are familiar with you as a fan.

If you are visiting from a desktop computer or laptop you'll also notice a better organized menu system on the left side of the profile area (see image above).

There was also slight layout changes to the Go Live streaming system, such as emojis, and chatroom layout.

Most of the other changes are in the backend of the website, such as better video encoding, updates to the system that pays the creators, and a few other bug fixes.

Notification Info - Over the first 6 weeks many users selected to click "SPAM" in their email account when we send a notification about a model they are subscribed to. In discussions with a few of them they felt it was an easy way to delete those emails, or felt it was an easy way not receive future mail notifications. That is not correct.

The truth is that clicking SPAM on a message from us, even when you are a subscriber, is not adjusting your email account (as a filter would do), but is actually seen by your email provider as a complaint and harms our ability to send email to every person using that provider. This effects all emails we send, including receipts and password resets for the very person that clicked SPAM, thereby screwing himself or herself.

The correct way to manage your notifications, without messing things up for other users, is to adjust your notification settings in TrueModels by CLICKING EDIT PROFILE / CLICK THE BELL / CLICK THE GEAR and select from the options shown in this image.

Changes to the payment system are coming by June 1st - When originally created we tried to make the payment system as easy as possible, including to use on a mobile device, by requesting only card information, and foregoing the normal, and more strict, Address Verification Service (AVS) fraud prevention option used on our other websites.

Unfortunately, the first 30 days here included thousands of dollars in fraudulent transactions. Normally fraud on sites we host, such as DudaNowack and TrueTeenBabes, runs about 0.001% (1/10th of 1%), but here in the first 30 days it totaled 9.78%. The experiment in trust failed.

We must upgrade to AVS to mitigate the loses to fraud and insure current, and future models, can profit here. This will require all payment card users to put their true and correct name, billing address and ZIP code in the system as we require over on TrueModels.net or their future payments will fail. The exact date for the change is not yet determined but it will happen before June 1st. Best to double check your full name and address information now

Accounts that refuse to update with true and correct billing information will be limited to viewing only the few creators that manage free profiles.

New Models - There isn't much to report concerning new models. We get emails daily but they don't turn into productive conversations and we haven't been able to get long term commitments. It is surprising how little effort persons wish to invest while simultaneously talking about how much money they should receive for doing it.

Running a profile that promises updates of a certain style at a certain time in a certain quantity and at a reasonable quality is not easy. Its a job and is not at all like taking pictures for a two minutes with friends at the mall.

Making pictures while posing at random times for Instagram is easy. A job doing it for a big paycheck is not as inviting to as many young people as we expected it to be.

We received a few messages recently mentioning that OnlyFans has lots of new models monthly. Yes, we understand that they do, but thats an entirely different thing. They have been around longer (6+ years, 6 weeks for us) and they are sexual. Here at TrueModels we've turned down or deleted over 30 profiles (male and female) that right after sign-up put up nudie profile or header photos because this is a non-nude website. Druggie, desperate, nudie girls and guys are a dime a dozen but don't fit within what we do here.

We also shouldn't forget that many OnlyFans guys and girls quit very quickly. They beleive the hype and expect to make a fortune within a few days and stop trying when they don't. Here we are searching for creators to be around a couple of years, not days or weeks.

We'll keep at it and see what happens as school gets out for most students in the USA next month.

If you have ideas, comments or questions about anything discussed here, Please use the form below to send them along.


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