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August 15th, 2022

The site has now been open 5 months and this post serves as an update for all interested persons.

Payment system updates have taken place over the past few days with more planned in September. When originally created we tried to make the payment system as easy as possible by requesting only card information, and foregoing the normal, and more strict, Address Verification Service (AVS) fraud prevention option used on our other websites.

Unfortunately, over the first 150 days here we have suffered too many fraudulent transactions. Fraud across the six other sites we host, such as DudaNowack, runs just under 1%, but here in the first 150 days it has been above 9%. The experiment in trust failed.

From this point forward we will require all new payment card users to put their true and correct name, billing address and ZIP code in the system as we require over on TrueModels.net or their future payments will fail. This pertains to new users and previous users adding a new card.

Accounts that refuse to update with true and correct billing information will be limited to viewing only the few creators that manage free profiles.

New models are rare and there isn't much to report concerning them. We receive emails daily but we haven't been able to get long term commitments. Running a profile that promises updates of a certain style at a certain time in a certain quantity and at a reasonable quality is not easy. Its a job and is not at all like taking pictures for a two minutes with friends in the park. Making pictures while posing at random times for Instagram is easy. A job doing it for a paycheck is not as inviting to as many people as we expected it to be.

As of this moment in time there are 3 new profiles that have been approved (hidden to public view) where models applied, submitted documentation, got approved, but never took the time to start posting content.

It is a slow and steady process, which is fine with us and how we've done most of our projects over the years, so long term things will grow as they should.

The basic statistics for the first 5 months include just over 7600 free registrations for a combined 7776 feed subscription or content purchases. 1082 free accounts have been removed as BOT created (fakes) and 47 persons (0.618%) have been banned for rudeness, language or general stupidity.

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