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It's Time to Monetize!

Are you an influencer, content creator, or model? Whether you have built a following already or are just starting out, you could be leveraging the power of TrueModels to maximize your earning potential.

TrueModels helps you establish an audience while engaging and rewarding your loyal fans! With TrueModels, you can finally create a reliable stream of income for yourself so that you can continue producing fire content - here's how it's done:

TrueModels is a content platform like TikTok and Instagram, BUT - instead of pumping out content for nothing, TrueModels allows you to turn your feed into a subscription served up to your most loyal fans.

We know what you're thinking and no - this isn't OnlyFans. Unlike OnlyFans, TrueModels does not allow full nudity. So, feel free to make content in whatever daring or attention-grabbing outfits you've got, but rest assured, with TrueModels you'll get...

...All The Money. None Of The Stigma.


Only 3 Steps to Start Earning:

  1. Create an Instagram account and begin posting regularly to build an audience. If you already have a following, go ahead and skip this step!

  2. Create a TrueModels account with the same username as your Instagram. TrueModels will then help you grow your Instagram following through linking, sharing, and shoutouts on TrueModel's wide network of accounts that have hundreds of thousands of followers!

  3. Start making money - Once we've helped you get to at least 25,000 followers, start posting exclusive content on your TrueModels account which your following pays a subscription fee to view.

Check out the Tutorial Page and Full Advice Page for more details.

Here's a Thought

If you have 25,000 followers and only 1% of them pay for your TrueModels subscription at a rate of $50 a month, you'll be making $10,000 a month!


No experience is required to learn, have fun and make money here!


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