Like the rest of the world we've have been closely tracking news related to Coronavirus / COVID-19. Our top priority is the health and wellbeing of our staff, freelance models, make-up artists, stylists and temporary crew members.

For the safety of all our friends and associates we are postponing the TrueBikini production events scheduled to take place in Rincon March 19-22 & April 2-5, along with the TrueBabes photoshoots in Littleton April 16-19 and Las Vegas April 23-26. Plans for rescheduling and future projects will be announced April 15th, 2020.

We fully understand that many of the models booked for these photo/video shoots are students, servers, store clerks or others working part time that had been counting on income from these projects for spring events, prom, fun travels, summer festivals and more. We also understand that the make-up artists, stylists and temporary crew members likely turned away other plans or projects to be available for us on those dates.

To ease that burden we are issuing payments March 18th, 2020 to each pre-booked model, make-up artist, stylist and temp crew member for the full amount they would have earned on each of the four production events listed above.

If we have not spoken by now please call the office Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of this week at 303-474-4449 to make arrangements.

We fully expect the Coronavirus / COVID-19 crisis to pass over the next few weeks and are fully committed to being back in the studio hard at work making awesome photos in the month of May! Interested females, with or without modeling experience, are encouraged to contact us soon or browse our websites for more information at TrueBikini (non-nude / $100hr) or TrueBabes (soft nudity).


Stay Safe,

Jimmy Stephans


New Models Wanted

Group Five Photosports, LLC is a photo and video production company based in Littleton, Colorado. USA. We've been in business over 25 years and have employed hundreds of female models in that time. You can read more about the company here and about our current projects below.

We always pay models for their time and talent. If we hire a new model from outside Colorado we also pay all the travel and hotel costs for her to participate in our projects.

Below you'll find a brief description of our current projects and links to the project website where you can review much more detail and submit your information if you wish to be one of our models


Last Updated: 1-6-20

The six young ladies for the first season of TrueBikini have been selected and most photo/video production has been completed. The expected release date is May of 2020. We plan to start production for season two around that same time. Young ladies interested in season two should read the short information below, then click over to the main site to get more details and submit their information.

The new TrueBikini Project is planned as a streaming video series about locating girls of all races in the 14-22 age range with zero professional modeling experience and turning them into awesome looking bikini models on a sunny beach. The project pays models $100 per production hour.

A bit like Reality TV, imagine a farmer's daughter from a small town in Nebraska and the teen gamer girl from Phoenix being approached about bikini modeling, convinced they could do it, then getting her family and friends involved as she prepares in the tanning bed and gym, to later working with great make-up artists and photographers for a swimsuit catalog on Miami Beach. The video series covers the entire process, and all the behind the scenes fun or drama.

Females in the 14-22 age range (or their mothers) that are interested in being considered for season two are encouraged to visit the TrueBikini website now, review all the information, and submit their information and photos to be at the front of the line when planning for 2020 begins.

Bikini Modeling Gigs and Reality Show


More Gigs & Information

Our Littleton, Colorado company often hires for office jobs, studio jobs and temporary gigs working behind the scenes in the studio or other shoot locations. The information for those positions is available on the Employment Page.

If you have further questions concerning any of these projects please check the individual website using the links above. If you are unable to find your answer there please feel free to use the information on the Group Five Photosports Contact Us page.