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TrueModels Progressive Web APP -

TrueModels.com works awesome in a normal desktop, laptop or mobile browser. If you select to use a browser we strongly recommend the free Brave Browser because it works like Chrome, but faster, because Brave doesn't include all the dumb tracking scripts and algorithms an advertising company like Google inserts in Chrome.

The fastest and most user friendly way to enjoy TrueModels.com is using our Progressive Web Application (PWA).

A progressive web application (PWA) is a modern way to enjoy a website without have to install a full application through the APP Store or Play Store. Think of it as a web browser built specifically for our website. No URL address bar taking up room, no tracking algorithms, no extra javascripts or fonts or codecs being downloaded that our site doesn't need. Just a fast and clean APP.

Installing our PWA is very easy and only requires about 1 minute. No visit to the APP or Play Stores needed.

  • Visit the HOME PAGE of TrueModels.com. Depending on the browser you are currently using you may need to log-out of the website see the normal front page.

  • If using a desktop or laptop move your mouse up to the top right and look for an icon with a downward pointing arrow. See image below.

  • Click that icon and wait for the PWA to install, usually 60 seconds or less.

  • If using a mobile device you may have to look around a bit more. Some mobile browsers show the same icon, others display a pop-up along the bottom of the screen (see second image below), and others require you to open the browser options or settings menu and scroll down to find the icon to install TrueModels (see third image below).

  • No matter how you install, you'll find the website faster and easier to navigate, very much like a normal application such as Instagram or Facebook, when using our PWA.

Brave Browser on a Window 10 Desktop showing the TrueModels PWA Install icon.


Brave Mobile Browser, Android 9.0 showing the install option on the lower part of screen


Brave Mobile Browser, Android 10.0 showing the browser setting menu open and the TrueModels PWA Install icon.


After installing the PWA this is the website in a browser on a normal Android phone.


Here is the same phone using the PWA. Notice a little more room without the browser address at the top, then remember that it also runs faster because we have removed junk out of the browser that is not needed on our website.