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Model & Creator Help -

TrueModels is a subscription based content hosting system for Instagram Models and Cosplayers.

This website is a little like Instagram except here the models set a subscription price for followers to pay. This allows models and creators to make money from their time, talent, beauty and hard work!

If you are a new model interested in setting up a subscription profile on TrueModels we suggest that you first visit the New Models Page to review the basic information.

If you're currently a model here and need help you can select from the links below or review the information below the links.

Below you'll find additional information helpful to models.

Profile Verification

For models, creators and companies based in the United States current tax laws require that we verify the identity, along with the Social Security Number or business EIN, for all persons or companies that are earning money on this website. This is also done on YouTube, Patreon and other sites where creative people are earning money. Persons under 18 should get parental help with this process.

We have a step-by-step tutorial on this page. If you are having trouble understanding or completing the verification process please send a message using the form below.

Profile Editing

Make changes to your profile by clicking EDIT MY PAGE. Always click the SAVE button so your changes are shown on your profile instantly.

Your Username can be changed to what you wish. We suggest that you do not change it too often. Find a good one and stick to it so that fans can find you. Most models use the same Username here as they do on Instagram.

We suggest you pay extra attention to the "Tell us about yourself *" section. This is where you let new subscribers know what they get if they pay for a subscription. It is common to list something about yourself, and include clear information about how you manage your feed and how often you update.

"I update my profile with new photos every Tuesday and a new video every Thursday"

Your date of birth and email can't be changed from the EDIT MY PAGE link. If you wish to change them please send us a message from the form below.

Photo Uploads

You can upload as many as 20 images in one post. It is done by clicking the square photo icon, then selecting the images from your device. Next type out a description up to 500 characters, then decide if the photo(s) are for only your subscribers (the lock icon is locked) or are free for all TrueModels users to view (lock icon is unlocked), next click PUBLISH. We have some good suggestions about using this feature on the Model Advice page.

Depending on how many images you post and how large the originals are it can take from 10 seconds and 90 seconds for the images and post to appear in your timeline (feed).

Videos Uploads

You can upload videos up to 2GB is size, but that is huge. Most will be 500MB or less. It is done by clicking the square photo icon, then selecting the video from your device. You'll see the video start to upload with a progress bar in the corner. Wait for that to complete. You'll see a green circle with a checkmark when the upload is complete.

Next type out a description up to 500 characters and make sure the video is set to be viewed only by your subscribers (the lock icon is locked).

Now you can click PUBLISH.

Some larger videos require "processing" (conversion) and you'll see a window explaining that the video is being processed. Click OK to start the processing. It may take 2 minutes or maybe 30 minutes depending on the video size (HD or 4K) and how long in minutes the video is. When processing is complete they will automatically display in your timeline so you don't need to wait around.

Zip File Uploads

A ZIP file is much like an electronic envelope. You can organize a bunch of photos, or photos and a video, and ZIP them into a single ZIP file. Next, you upload that file much like you would a video. This feature is used by models and creators to offer followers a larger series or set of images for an additional price.

Going Live

TrueModels features a Live Streaming option that works pretty much like the same option on Facebook. Just click the stream icon to the right of the lock, then approve the website having access to your cam and mic, and away you go. We have great suggestions about using this feature on the Model Advice page.

Only your paid subscribers can view or participate in the Live Stream / chat.

Complainers or Rude Users

There is an email message form on the bottom of this page and on the Contact Us page. We also list our office phone below and on the Contact Us page.

If you have any issues with a subscriber being rude, complaining too much, or just being a pain in the ass because he or she think they're an "Internet Super Hero" please reach out to us and let us deal with it. No need for you to stress or argue. We have the big bad delete button and will use it if we need to.

Email Problems

This website sends emails on all of these occasions:

  • When you register to confirm you are not a BOT and that you typed your email correctly.

  • When we are answering your emails or help requests.

  • When we send you a payment.

  • When you have requested a password reset.

Because email is common here we suggest adding Staff@TrueModels.com to your contacts and that you "WHITELIST" our email addresses. Instructions about Whitelisting our emails accounts can be found here.

Send a Message

Email using this form is an easy way to ask for help. We try to answer all messages as soon as possible and encourage you to check your own email, including Spam and Bulk folders, often to get the information you need.


Regular voice phone calls are a great way to get questions answered in a short time. We try to be in the office Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm Mountain Time and welcome your calls, but if we don't answer please use the email form above.

303-474-4449 (voice only).