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Fan & Subscriber Help -

TrueModels.com is a subscription based content feed hosting system for Non-Nude Models, Cosplayers and Instagram Models.

For help related to a model that manages his or her own complete website please visit our sister site TrueModels.net.

At TrueModels.com our role is limited to keeping the website, profiles and content online. Questions, comments or suggestions about content posting, quality or post frequency should be sent by Direct Message to each individual profile for a quicker reply.

Below you'll find general information helpful to all fans and subscribers.

Payments & Statements

TrueModels.com is owned and maintained by Group Five Photosports, LLC of Littleton, Colorado. USA.

Your payment card statement will read: Group Five Photosports Littleton, Colorado, USA.

Refunds & Credits

All sales are final. Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances. Refunds for purchases or recurring charges may be requested by contacting us using the form below with a full explanation of the circumstances.

Group Five Photosports, LLC. reserves the right to grant a refund or a credit applicable to purchases to the site at its discretion. The decision to refund a charge does not imply the obligation to issue additional future refunds. Should a refund be issued for any reason, it will be credited solely to the payment method used in the original transaction.

Chargebacks & Refunds

Please remember that your credit card statement will read our commercial photo studio name of Group Five Photosports. LLC.

All subscription and download sales are final and cannot be refunded. All access to the website(s) is carefully logged with IP addresses and ISPs being recorded should we need to dispute a chargeback or refund request.

If you have any questions about your subscription or payment card statement, please contact us using the form below.

Cancelling Subscriptions

We hate to see you leave, but if you wish to cancel the rebilling feature for one or more of the models you follow, please take these simple steps:

  • Log-in the website.

  • Click the HOME icon on the top of the page.

  • From the left side menu click SUBSCRIPTIONS and a list will appear.

  • Click the red USERNAME to bring up that Creator's profile.

  • On the Creator's page you will see a green button stating "You're subscribed". Click that button. You will be asked to CONFIRM, your subscription will be canceled and the button will turn red.

  • If you wish to cancel additional Creator's you must repeat this process for each.

Payment Problems

The payment card industry uses a variety of tools and techniques to avoid fraudulent online transactions. We have no direct control over those tools, techniques or any of their rules and policies. The only suggestions we have are listed below.

  • The top reason a transaction fails is that the card has been reported stolen. It will never work, no matter how many times a purchase is attempted.

  • The second reason is that the card number, expiration date or 3-digit CVV code submitted is not accurate. Most often this is a simple typing mistake and we suggest trying again slowly.

  • Third on our list is that the card issuing bank declines the transaction because the credit cardholder has reached his or her credit limit or the debit cardholder doesn't have funds available in their account.

  • Fourth on our list is that the purchaser attempts to be devious or tricky in providing his or her name and address. The payment processing networks employ a system known as the "Address Verification Service" (AVS) to check that the name, address and zip code submitted at time of purchase match what is on file with the card issuing bank.

    If a cardholder's name is John Smith, yet he types in something like "LOL", or "Me" or "Mr. Baldman" there is a good chance the network will decline the transaction.

    If a cardholder is from Texas and types in a fake address in Florida, there is a significant chance that the network will decline the transaction.

    Repeated declined transactions due to AVS failures often cause the card to automatically be placed on a transaction blacklist. Later correcting the childlike fake address silliness may not fix the problem. Because the purchaser didn't know, or provide, the correct name, address or zip code on the first or second attempt the card network's security algorithm may determine they are not the true cardholder and the card may have been lost or stolen.

  • If using a VPN and having payment problems please review the section titled VPN Network Problems below. We do not block VPNs here, but some payment processing and card issuing banks do so.

  • We also maintain our own blacklist of persons, email addresses, IPs and card numbers that are related to common assholes. This includes, among others, persons involved in file sharing, persons trying to get non-nude models to pose naked or break laws, persons repeatedly typing rude or sexual comments in public or private message areas, persons that purchase and later reverse charges but quickly subscribe yet again, and on and on.

VPN Network Problems

Virtual Private Networks are used by some website visitors to add a tiny extra layer of privacy to their online activities. Unfortunately, over time online criminals started using these same networks to hide their identity while using stolen credit cards, committing fraudulent transactions, or attempting to break into secure websites or social media accounts.

When using those services your online traffic is routed through the same server as all other users of that VPN service that are logged into the same VPN server. This causes your publicly visible IP address to be exactly the same as those other people, including the bad guys.

To lower the impact of online bad guys the payment processing systems and payment card networks often reject purchasers that are using a VPN when that same VPN was previously used by a bad guy to commit fraud. This can include a payment here being rejected as potentially fraudulent by the payment card networks and declined when you know your account is in good standing. It happens because the transaction is coming from an IP address, or VPN related block of IPs, that is blacklisted by the payment card industry.

Additionally, file sharing, also known as Copyright Infringement, does great harm to models, creators, photographers and our hosting company that relies on a small percentage of the sales made here. We log and ban all IP address found to be sharing usernames and accounts here, or posting the files on piracy websites and forums. Most of those IPs (72%) are from bad guys using a VPN.

If, while using a VPN, you have problems logging in or processing a transaction, or have problems viewing any of the profiles we host, the solution 95% of the time is to turn off the VPN, restart your computer and try again.

Email Problems

This website sends emails on these occasions:

  • When you register to confirm you are not a BOT and that you typed your email address correctly.

  • When you make a payment at the start of a subscription or rebilling.

  • When you add funds to the wallet system.

  • When you purchase a one-time download product.

  • When a model you subscribe to has posted new content.

  • When we are answering your emails or help requests.

  • When you have requested a password reset.

Because email is common here we suggest that add Staff@TrueModels.com to your contacts and "WHITELIST" our email addresses.

Instructions about Whitelisting our emails accounts can be found here.

Email Notifications

If you do not wish to receive email notifications for each and every creator update please use the process below. Blocking them by clicking SPAM in your email account will block all emails from us, including receipts and password resets, and could result in your profile access being lost.

The correct process is:

  • Visit your profile in TrueModels.

  • Click the BELL icon near the top.

  • Click the GEAR icon to make your selection for both on site and email NOTIFICATIONS.

  • Click SAVE.

Complaints, Questions, Comments & Suggestions

We welcome contact with subscribers and encouraged use of the form below to send along your thoughts about this website, features you would like us to consider in the future, or any help you may need. We'll replay as soon as possible.

Take note that we are only the content hosting and payment system. We do not select models, hire photographers or produce any of the content shown here, or have any influence over what the models, cosplay personalities and other creators may hope to produce in the future.

If your comments or questions are about a model's profile or a creator's photography it would be best to contact them within the direct messaging system.

Send a Message or Seek Help

Email using this form is an easy way to ask for help. We try to answer all messages as soon as possible and encourage you to check your own email, including Spam and Bulk folders, often to get the information you need.