Control Panel Help

TrueModels features its own subscriber management and payment system. Part of that system is our Subscriber's Control Panel which allows you to manage your account here as you see fit. This page provides a few samples to help you navigate around that system.

You must login with your username and password to access the panel. Once logged in you'll see a page much like shown in the top photo below.

  • If you are a current paid subscriber to a website using our services you'll see that listed website under "Active Subscriptions" and the date it is due to expire before rebilling (if applicable).

  • If you have more than one active subscription each of them will show in the "Active Subscriptions" area.

  • Directly access your paid subscriptions is by clicking the website name listed under "Subscription Links".

  • To change your password or make other updates to your profile please click "Change Password/Edit Profile" under "Useful Links".

  • To cancel the automatic rebilling feature of your subscription please click the tab marked "Payments History" to bring up a list with your most recent purchases as shown in the second photo below. On that tab look under "Your Subscriptions" and click the "Cancel Subscription" link for that subscription prior to 10:00pm Eastern USA time one day before your next billing date. The arrow on the photo below directs you to that link.

  • Cancelling the automatic rebilling feature for one website will not cancel automatic rebilling for any others that you are currently subscribed to. They must be done individually.

  • Occasionally, such as when a new model begins using our website hosting, we send an email message with the news and links to her website. If you do not wish to receive those messages please check the box marked Unsubscribe from all email messages in the lower left.

  • Your basic information, such as email address and password, will remain in your system so you can resubscribe quickly in the future. If you wish to be fully deleted from our systems pelase send a message using the form on the Contact Us page.